We are a small studio which produces consummately crafted and precisely built fireplace accessories in iron, copper and bronze.  Hearth Art specializes in accenting many of its ironwork designs with nature’s most exquisite art: breathtaking minerals, gemstones, and ancient fossils, among others.  The raw elegance and the beauty of these natural materials inspire us to pursue a niche that lands somewhere between fireplace accessories and jewelry for the hearth.  We have created this concept out of a love for nature’s form and textures, taking the idea of a fireplace screen into places no one else dares to go.

The precious and semi-precious stones, fossils and other natural embellishments that adorn our designs come from around the world.  Many of them are in limited supply and won’t be available forever.  Others are timeless materials that have been admired and collected for centuries: exotic woods, rare metals, pearl, shell, horn, and bone.  While some of our materials are exotic, please note that our product line is designed, built, and finished exclusively in our North Texas and Arkansas workshops.

We follow in the fine tradition of old world craftsmen by meticulously hand-crafting, painting or patinating metal to achieve that unique texture of well-worn ironwork.  Our distinctive finishes are hand-applied by our artisans in multiple layers to give your piece a deeply resonating luster that will endure for generations.

Our custom line of ironwork contains more than a dozen designs that can be translated into fire screens, andirons, and fire tools.  Our custom capabilities are one of the best-kept secrets around.  We are happy to discuss customization options and commissions.

Each one-of-a-kind Hearth Art piece is inspired by nature; like beauty found in nature, no two designs will ever be exactly alike.  By mixing the raw and the refined, the natural and man-made, each design traces its origins to earth before its transformation in the studio.