Hearth Art Launches a Signature Line of Irresistible Hearth Accoutrement

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Hearth ArtChange is inevitable.  This is good news.  The time has come for fireplace screens and accessories to get interesting.  Hearth Art founder Claire Crowe has launched a signature line of irresistible hearth accoutrement sure to tempt those of us bored with the ubiquitous rococo scrolls or rustic wrought iron of typical decorative fireplace accessories on the market.   Dedicated to the principles of texturally intriguing forms that mark all of her designs, Crowe uses her designs to re-imagine and redefine the notion of fireplace accessories, preferring to pursue sculptural drama and crisp craftsmanship over everything else.

Here she answers questions about the new line:

Where did the idea of Hearth Art originate?
I craved a fireplace screen that didn’t exist.  To be worthy of the well-dressed room around it, I wanted to complete my fireplace with accessories that had drama and beauty but also a unique playfulness.  There was nothing like that on the market.

What is the function of a fireplace screen today?
Certainly its original purpose was to guard against rogue sparks, but let’s face it, most of us these days have gas logs in our fireplaces.  Among other conveniences, gas logs allow us to relax about fire safety issues and be more creative when it comes to fireplace screens, fireplace andirons, and fire tools.

What is the philosophy behind Hearth Art designs?
From an historical perspective, fireplace screens and accessories have been predictable, tired and unimaginative.  Hearth Art breathes life into this area of home décor.  Combining rich textures, organically-inspired shapes and sculptural appeal while giving a nod to historical forms, our custom metalwork designs provide an option for people looking for a more creative and unique approach to dressing the hearth.

How is Hearth Art different from other manufacturers of fireplace accessories?
Our studio consists of talented American craftspeople and metal artisans and samples of hundreds of raw materials, including semi-precious stones, exotic wood and minerals.  Form and function come together in stylish and modern ironwork designs that pay homage to the warming glow of fire light while reflecting a new vision of design for the hearth and home.  Classic finishes like Egyptian gold and bronze unify the array while a few shimmery minerals and stones lighten the mood and reflect a new aesthetic, with celebration and personality at its core.

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