All Fired Up: Mineral Lamps Join Fireplace Accessories in a New Lighting Collection From Hearth Art

Posted by Claire, 2013. Blog,Hearth Art

Hearth Art recently unveiled a collection of mineral lamps that are a natural- and spectacular- addition to its hearth and home design group.  No two are alike, which of course is part of the magic.  Some of the most popular selections include chic Black Tourmaline specimens with encrusted pyrite; unusual pink amethyst towers with lavender druzy that are artfully cut in angular shapes; and Australian Lemon Chrysoprase slices, which were mined out of an old sheep herding village in rural Australia.  Many of the designs involve handcrafted bronze metalwork, but some specimens stand alone since the superior quality of the natural materials used in the collection requires nothing more to result in irresistible allure.  This new lighting collection extends Hearth Art’s design aesthetic into an new arena, a welcome development from the line that has been improving the face of the fireplace by dressing it up with bespoke screens and accessories for some time now.  Tabletop accessories such as sculptural objects and boxes are also available.  The lamps and accessories sell quickly, so inquire about current inventory or request a quote for your own individual projects.  

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