Fireplace, It’s Your Turn

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Go from hot to sizzling with fireplace ornaments that add personality to your room.  This sculptural Branch design is inspired by a deciduous bush that has dropped its leaves for winter.  Now it the magical time of year when green buds explode and the lushness of spring emerges, reminding of us nature’s magical rhythm.  It’s nice to be reminded of the reassuring supremacy of nature’s dependable beauty in its almost infinite manifestations. We offer a stylized interpretation, shown first below, which has a more whimsical character, and a whispier, Espalier-version, shown second.  The sculptures below are shown in our Egyptian Gold finish but rest assured we offer lots of finishes – call us to discuss your fireplace.


Bronze, Baby, Bronze

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The texture on the base plate is created by our skilled metal artisans in Texas. We are excited to announce our new group of designs created in bronze, a luxurious metal known for its luster, depth of color and extraordinary beauty.  We think it’s just plain sexy.  In working with bronze, we continue a tradition that originated more than 5,000 years ago but that, while used by a increasingly small number of capable artisans, remains as desirable and highly sought after as ever.  Custom sizes are available. Just ask.

Bronze has been appreciated by trained eyes and selective connoisseurs for centuries.  It is a wonderfully tactile material, which casts well and can also, with modern techniques, be successfully welded. Beyond that the range of surface finishes available, combined with natural or hand applied patination, mean that bronze can be formed and finished to a range of decorative needs.  Some of our designs using bronze include fire screens, small furniture, wall ornament and objects.  No two are alike and each is created to become an heirloom of the future.  Please inquire if you are interested in learning more.  
Custom sizes and finishes are available. Just ask.


Spark Things Up with Hearth Art’s Bold and Dramatic Fireplace Screens

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Love the way our Tapestry screen nestles in with this chic hearth setting.  This design amazes with its ability to work with almost any fireplace, whether in traditional, transitional or contemporary spaces.  Custom sizes are available and wire mesh can be added for real wood burning fireplaces.  


Warming Trend: Luxury Fireplace Screens by Hearth Art Make a Room Feel Toastier

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Splendor fire screen, shown with Brazilian mica held by acanthus leaves, adds an elegant finishing detail to hearth and home. Hearth Art’s imaginative, exquisitely crafted objects are produced in limited numbers by local craftsman in our Texas studios and are sold nationwide.  Designers and home owners have become weary of mass manufactured designs for the fireplace and long for a more unique and personal touch.  Hearth Art delivers highly decorative metalwork made in small batches for the most discriminating clients.  You can find Hearth Art designs in the trade showrooms featured on our website.  It is a joy and pleasure to offer something fresh and new for the fireplace.

Hearth Art's Splendor screen with Brazilian mica in a silvery moss green color; other minerals such as quartz, citrine and amethyst are available for this design-please inquire.


Reef Fire Screen Beautifully Decorates the 2013 Grizzel and Mann Christmas Card

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Reef fire screen was born out of our collective reverence for the sea, where people have drawn inspiration for centuries. It is intended to subtly signal a coral reef, which is an organic, sculptural form that artists and designers have always appreciated as a source of inspiration.   We build this original design to suit the firebox opening it will adorn.  This results in a decadently custom fire screen, as the dimensions of the screen alter the overall appearance of the finished product each time.  A multitude of finishes are available.  We love this design which calls to mind the ocean’s bounty and offers an artistic nod to the mysterious living plenitude that resides beneath the water’s surface.

Reef fire screen and geode lamps on mantle, by Hearth Art


Decorating a Hearth – Exquisite Fireplace Accessory Source (With Fabulous Lighting Too!)

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Thank you, Porte Cochere, for your post about Hearth Art. We love your site!

From Porte Cochere:
The search for the perfect fireplace screen and accessories can be exhausting – many sources with few quality choices, wrong color, size, style, etc….if you have had this issue and settled on a less than perfect solution you must meet Hearth Art!  Their extensive collection of customizable and bespoke Jewelry for the Hearth and Home is just what you have been dreaming of!

Hearth Art produces consummately crafted and precisely built fireplace accessories in iron, copper and bronze.  They specialize in creating custom sculptural accessories inspired by, and sometimes enhanced by, nature’s most exquisite art: breathtaking minerals, semi-precious gemstones, and ancient fossils. 

Tapestry firescreen in Egyptian Gold 

In the fine tradition of old world craftsmen Hearth Art meticulously hand-crafts, paints or patinas metal to achieve that unique texture of well-worn ironwork in their studio in Dallas, Texas.  Their distinctive finishes are hand-applied by their artisans in multiple layers to give your piece a deeply resonating luster that will endure for generations. 

Ginko firescreen with Pyrite suns, Quartz, and Mica. 

Each one-of-a-kind Hearth Art piece is inspired by nature; like beauty found in nature, no two designs will ever be exactly alike.  By mixing the raw and the refined, the natural and man-made, each design traces its origins to earth before its transformation in the studio. 

Don’t miss their fabulous lighting! 

Hearth Art’s ever changing collection of one-of-a-kind lamps are made from beautifully selected natural materials and crafted with great precision and care resulting in exquisite works of functional art! 

Pair of Agate specimens with Amethyst Druzy mounted on Lucite bases with custom Silk shades. 

Black Tourmaline specimen containing Mica and Pyrite held by handcrafted Bronze mount. Custom Lucite base and Silk shade.

To learn more and connect with Hearth Art visit www.hearthart.com, call 214.843.2140, or email hearthartassociates@hearthart.com.


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Hearth Art caramel agate table lamps

Another beautiful pair of table lamps from Hearth Art- these have especially clear crystal windows and refract light in magnificent ways.  Please inquire about our available selections- they don’t stick around long!



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Details. Details.  What matters more?  Whether they serve as an inviting beacon into a room or cast a soft glow on those gathered around, these lamps will light the way.  


Hearth Art Pays Homage to Nature’s Eternal Beauty

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Hearth Art creates hearth and home objects in steel, brass, bronze, and stone, often in conjunction with natural materials such as minerals and semi-precious gemstones.  Hearth Art founder, Claire Crowe, believes in the integrity of natural forms and often accentuates imperfections and idiosyncrasies in specimens, rather than trying to hide them.  Each design is an original work.  Striking form and clean, simple lines create visual impact that is bold, artistic and unique. Natural materials put together in exquisitely beautiful combinations lend an old-world feeling to even the most modern environments. Hearth Art pieces are handcrafted and finished in its Dallas, Texas studio.  Premium raw materials are sourced from the highest quality suppliers in North America, Brazil, Australia and throughout the world.  


All Fired Up: Mineral Lamps Join Fireplace Accessories in a New Lighting Collection From Hearth Art

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Hearth Art recently unveiled a collection of mineral lamps that are a natural- and spectacular- addition to its hearth and home design group.  No two are alike, which of course is part of the magic.  Some of the most popular selections include chic Black Tourmaline specimens with encrusted pyrite; unusual pink amethyst towers with lavender druzy that are artfully cut in angular shapes; and Australian Lemon Chrysoprase slices, which were mined out of an old sheep herding village in rural Australia.  Many of the designs involve handcrafted bronze metalwork, but some specimens stand alone since the superior quality of the natural materials used in the collection requires nothing more to result in irresistible allure.  This new lighting collection extends Hearth Art’s design aesthetic into an new arena, a welcome development from the line that has been improving the face of the fireplace by dressing it up with bespoke screens and accessories for some time now.  Tabletop accessories such as sculptural objects and boxes are also available.  The lamps and accessories sell quickly, so inquire about current inventory or request a quote for your own individual projects.