For your home décor, we invite you to view Hearth Art’s decorative fireplace screens – at once elegant and modern

Posted by Claire, 2010. Blog

Creating a group of designs know as much for their originality as their beauty, Hearth Art shakes things up by mixing the raw and the refined, the natural and the man-made.  Sculpted steel meets natural enhancements like pyrite, amethyst and petrified wood in stylish fireplace screens, andirons and sets of fire tools that will set your home’s style on fire.  Each one-of-a-kind piece is inspired by nature; like beauty found in nature, no two designs will ever be exactly alike.  With a nod toward nature’s magnificence, each decorative fireplace accessory in our collection traces its origins to earth before its transformation in the studio.

Our products offer utility, individuality and personality and can be customized to fit your particular hearth. You can choose from many different metal finishes and patinas.  We also offer options when it comes to natural enhancements.  Consider semi-precious gemstones, minerals, fossils and exotic woods as options for embellishment on your Hearth Art design.

Visit our gallery to see the collection and begin conceiving the perfect design for your home.

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