Hearth Art Pays Homage to Nature’s Eternal Beauty

Posted by Claire, 2013. Blog

Hearth Art creates hearth and home objects in steel, brass, bronze, and stone, often in conjunction with natural materials such as minerals and semi-precious gemstones.  Hearth Art founder, Claire Crowe, believes in the integrity of natural forms and often accentuates imperfections and idiosyncrasies in specimens, rather than trying to hide them.  Each design is an original work.  Striking form and clean, simple lines create visual impact that is bold, artistic and unique. Natural materials put together in exquisitely beautiful combinations lend an old-world feeling to even the most modern environments. Hearth Art pieces are handcrafted and finished in its Dallas, Texas studio.  Premium raw materials are sourced from the highest quality suppliers in North America, Brazil, Australia and throughout the world.