Posted by Claire, 2012. Blog,Hearth Art

The ancient tradition of metal forging is alive and well in our hands.   We create classic silhouettes emboldened with details like pleasing and unique textures and shapes created when iron is forged and shaped by hand, not mass-produced in molds.  Metal is incredibly versatile, and contrary to what you might think, metal furnishings can be surprisingly delicate.   We mix metals with precious elements taken from earth that are mystical and glamorous in pieces that are chic, timeless, and classic.   Look to us when you desire a simpler, cleaner aesthetic using metal. We are proud to be part of this artistic pursuit.


Who Doesn’t Love a Good Box?

Posted by Claire, 2012. Blog,Hearth Art

Blue gun patinated iron box with Uruguayan jasper stalactites. Because a good box is hard to find.