Handcrafted and Original Decorative Accessories Breathe Life into Tired Interiors

Posted by Claire, 2011. Blog,Hearth Art

As if to counter the ubiquity of mass-produced, predictable decorative accessories so generously available on the web, American showrooms are looking to handcrafted furniture and accessories to spice things up.  In some instances, these selections are akin to art. Take Hearth Art, for instance.  Our soulful approach involves taking cue from nature to produce functional art for the home that adds interest, playfulness and originality to living spaces. This specimen of Peng Mei Jade from the Guangxi Province, China, is one of the most exotic and beautiful pieces I have ever seen; unfortunately, it can no longer be found since the mine from which it came has been exhausted.  Consider original, handcrafted decorative objects for your room that needs a lift.  You won’t be disappointed.


Agate and Steel Cocktail Table Steals the Scene

Posted by Claire, 2011. Blog,Hearth Art

Agate and steel work together in this whimsical Hearth Art cocktail table to impart irresistable allure and lighten the mood for you living space.  Life’s too short for serious furniture.  Our custom metalwork is designed to breathe some life into interiors with handcrafted, sculptural steel in combination with natural materials or nature-inspired pieces- all functional, provocative, and intriguing. Definitely not ordinary- that’s us.  Call us to discuss your customization ideas for the hearth and home.